about me

i grew up in brasília, a modernist city in the heart of brazil. ¶from 2004 to 2006 i took a computational physics course at universidade de brasília which awakened in me an interest in software development, visual arts and design. i decided to transfer to the design course at the same school. thanks to the great educational approach at this college, i had the opportunity to take courses in math, computational science, psychology, economics, engineering, architecture, arts, product and visual design. ¶during this period, i had an awesome experience in flash development and interaction design working at baião de dois. i co-founded the design office grande circular, which gave me experience in branding, lettering, editorial design, project management, and clients relationship. in addition, i had the pleasure of working with great designers. after that, i decided to follow another design subject: motion graphics at img. with a completely different approach, i had a great time there, learning cinema, concept design, 3d, motion, animation, compositing and even storytelling. ¶changing the route one more time, i decided to go to new york and take a product management course at general assembly. since then, i’ve been mostly working with end-to-end product design (conception, design, management, and sometimes development). ¶along this short path i’ve been developing some beliefs: build stuff that matters, care about your audience, and learn from the older guys.


a brief list of great people i’ve met on the road


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