clarina typeface

one can say that the forecast or preview of a culture path is directly proportional to the amplitude and depth of the return in time, the knowledge and the consciousness of the historical past.

— aloísio magalhães —

as my course final project at unb, i decided to design a typeface. the project took a whole year, from the research start to the “final” letter designs. at the start, i decided to work on a text font. even knowing it weren’t possible to achieve a really good text typeface without years of experience, i knew choosing this subject was a good way to push me. the result was clarina: a typeface inspired by the first documents officially printed in brasil by the royal press. it’s a transitional typeface designed to work well on texts an titles. at the presentation, only the regular weight was complete. this project was selected to the brazilian graphic design biennial short list.

left: a dutch print whose colophon claims to be printed in brazil. right: the first document officially printed in brazil.

the creation process: my desk on the left, sketches on the right.

adjustments: most of the typedesign work happens here.

adjustments: some steps on the “a” tuning.

fontlab window showing the “a” glyph.

character set (click on the image to see a larger version).
character set

a poster made using clarina (click on the image to see a larger version).
clarina typeface

below is the typeface specimen.