drogafuji | branding

drogafuji is a chain of drug stores in brasília, brasil. while working at grande circular, alexandre lemos and i were responsible for rethinking the physical and the virtual store. at the first meetings, we’ve seen the need of reorganising the whole brand system. so, we started by first making the branding project and then thinking the physical and virtual stores. the project took about six months.

my role: branding, design

design: tiago ferreira, alexandre lemos
branding: alexandre lemos, tiago ferreira


old version on top. our redesign on bottom.

we decided not to change the core of the logo. making some improvements on the shapes and using a custom lettering, we achieved better readability. also, the humanist mien of the letterforms gave more personality to the logo.

we made sublte adjustments on the shapes to improve the reduction.

the majority of drugstores in brasil use red or blue as main brand color. so, to enforce the identity we choose to keep the orange and create a versatile color pallete based on the main color, avoiding red and blue.

the brand color palette is based on a triadic harmony, adding two analog colors.

as a drugstore, they have a lot of different supports. signs, cards, displays, screens, banners, magazines, etc. so, they needed a versatile typeface, with capability to work well on all different applications. then we found cora typeface from the foundry type-together. this font perform well on small and large sizes.

with the brand system defined, we started to rethink the stores. the virtual and the physical stores needed to make a good use of the new elements and we worked

at the end of the project, we delivered two manuals. a brand guide and a physical store guide.

brand guide


physical store guide