golden grids | poster

there is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.

— pythagoras of samos —

golden grids ( is a super nice project of victor guerra, a great friend, designer and professor. in a serie of workshops, victor brings visual arts and graphic design do debate under the light of philosophy, geometry and nature. with a completely hands on approach, the course is an awesome opportunity to question and review our design principles.

my role: design, coding

design: grande circular, tiago ferreira
coding: tiago ferreira

victor invited us (at grande circular) to create a poster of the course. the briefing was simple: to use a ‘constructive’ approach instead of a deconstructive. so, we decided to travel through the wonderful world of programming. using processing, we created a spiral guided by phyllotaxical growth.

below is a simple interactive example of phyllotaxis (needs a html5 browser). you can also view in a new window here or download the pde file here.

after creating the spiral in processing, we exported a pdf file and silk-screened an edition of 50 numbered posters. they are availlable here:

golden grids 07